Symbols Name

Currency Symbols Names


Cent Sign


Dollar Sign

Euro Sign


Pound Sign


Yen Sign

Tugrik Sign

Bengali Rupee Mark

Bengali Rupee Sign

Tamil Rupee Sign

Won Sign

Bitcoin Sign

Ruble Sign

Indian Rupee Sign


Currency Sign

Peso Sign

Naira Sign


Latin Small Letter F with Hook

Tugrik Sign

Rupee Sign


Thai Currency Symbol Baht

Khmer Currency Symbol Riel

New Sheqel Sign

Dong Sign

Kip Sign

Guarani Sign

Hryvnia Sign

Cedi Sign

LIBRA - digital currency

Rial Sign


Money-Mouth Face




Money with Wings


Money Bag


Banknote with Yen Sign


Banknote with Dollar Sign


Red Gift Envelope


Heavy Dollar Sign


Credit Card




Banknote with Pound Sign


Banknote with Euro Sign


Chart with Upwards Trend and Yen Sign


ATM[Automated Teller Machine]


Gem Stone


Currency Exchange